Don't lose your faith, it's only life

jenni. put 20 candles on my cake on sept 5th. going to school for nutrition. mma fighter.

I caved, doing that 30 day challenge thing.

Day 1: 10 facts about me :)

1) I was born deaf- i had like 8 sets of tubes in my ears to fix it

2) I played hockey for 8 years; i quit my second year checking league because I broke my left collar bone three times

3) I have 6 older siblings: 2 whole brothers, 3 half brothers and a half sister

4) my favorite color is green. and it’s not because I’m from Green Bay.

5) I go to Bradley University for Dietetics, but I’m probably one of the most unhealthy people ever

6) I’m a pesco-vegetarian— the only meat I eat is fish

7) I was a cheerleader for 5 years; from 8th grade until I graduated hs.

8) I have an obsession with the ABC family show, Greek.

9) I moved out of my parents home when I was 16

10) I’m shaving my head for saint baldricks in April

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